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Curitiba Art Cafe


Curitiba Art Cafe

(540) 370-8800


Curitiba Art Cafe

919 Caroline St

Fredericksburg VA




Come to know our house and enjoy a delicious coffee and to know our demolition furniture, you will have a unique experience with an atmosphere that will make you feel as if you were at home.

Curitiba art cafe was created from an old dream of business owners Frank Robinson (Architect ) and his wife Ana Robinson from the city of Curitiba in southern Brazil. The idea came from setting up a unique coffee house that would unite the passion they both cherish for demolished wood furniture and Brazilian coffee and art in general. The beauty and warmth these furniture provide; allied to the fact that they are sustainable pieces made by the hands of Brazilian carpenters, made them both unite their passion and  business owners to create Curitiba art cafe: a Brazilian furniture store and a coffee house with a delicious Brazilian cafe. Making this environment a cozy place to make you feel at home like we do in Curitiba when we invite someone to have a coffee in our house. Our furniture is sold in our house of coffee, come check: Refinement, personality, durability, good taste and ecological awareness. The best and most sophisticated your home is also the best for nature.