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Spencer Devon Brewing

(540) 479-8381
106 George Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401


A full service brewery and restaraunt in the heart of downtown Fredericksburg. We focus on providing exceptionally crafted beer  and a quality dining experience using locally derived ingredients.  

Our Beers:

Rappahannock River Water Brown Ale ABV: 4%        IBU: 26
Named after the mighty river that flows through our backyard, this brown ale is more mellow (and less turbid!) than the name might suggest. We crafted this beer to be flavorful and easy drinking. It has a light body and low alcohol content, with notes of nuts and toffee, and hints of earthy hops

Rocko’s Milk Stout ABV: 4.5%       IBU: 35
It seems every brewer names a beer after their dog, and we are no different. This stout is as black as Rocko was, and just as sweet. Dark roasted malts and sugar additions create a creamy, chocolaty profile with hints of coffee. This milk stout is a perfect companion for sitting around with friends, just as a good dog should be.

Bittersweet IPA ABV: 6.6%        IBU: 76
The name of this India Pale Ale describes a sentiment more than a flavor profile. The transition from being a Marine to opening a brewery was difficult but exciting for Shawn and Lisa. Our IPA was created as a celebration of past and future successes. Look for a hefty crystal malt profile that is balanced by a solid bitterness. We used all English hops to create an assertive fruity, earthy hop profile.

3-4-5 Pilsner ABV: 4%        IBU: 34
Our pilsner is a no-frills kind of beer. Clean, crisp and refreshing, we hopped this beer with just enough Czech Noble Hops to lend a refreshing hoppiness, with subtle notes of cracked pepper. Pilsners require exacting precision, which as any carpenter knows is as “simple” as following the rule of 3-4-5. 

Fall Line Pale Ale ABV: 5%        IBU: 36
We crafted our Pale Ale after the hop-crazy west-coast style IPAs that have grown so popular. Unlike those IPAs, however, we wanted to keep the alcohol low enough to be able to enjoy several of these hoppy monsters. We loaded Fall Line with massive quantities of Columbus, Ahtanum and Cluster hops, which give the beer flavors of citrus fruit, dank pine and subtle tropical fruit notes. As the Fall Line marks the farthest up the Rappahannock River explorers could travel, this Pale Ale marks the endpoint of your search for phenomenal hoppiness

Sunken Road Belgian Blonde ABV: 5.5%       IBU: 23
Named by the great people of Fredericksburg, this Belgian Blonde ale is the perfect fit for spring. This crisp beer gets a slight toastiness from the Aromatic and Pilsner malts, and the Belgian yeast shines through lending pear and banana undertones.