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People,Places,Things-A Whimsical World In Polymer ,Friday August 2, 6pm-9pm

(540) 899-6319
911 Charles Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405


Polymer clay artist Melissa Terlizzi will be featured in a new show opening First Friday, August 2, at Artful Dimensions Gallery in Fredericksburg. The show, entitled People, Places, Things: A Whimsical World in Polymer, features a colorful mix of sculpture, wall art, boxes, and jewelry, all crafted from polymer clay. When asked to describe the pieces in this collection, Melissa Terlizzi explained, “When I began to compile the work for this show, I had a difficult time deciding on a theme. My imagination never seems to light on one thing for very long; as soon as I finish working through one challenge, I am off to explore the next. The end result is that my work includes a little bit of everything—people, places, and things—rendered in such detail that I hope people feel compelled to lean in for a closer look.” Tiny details are certainly a big part of the work in People, Places, Things, but so is color and humor. Each piece takes something familiar and changes it up in a way that will make you smile. ” The patterns and details in Melissa Terlizzi’s polymer creations are worked into the clay during the building process, rather than painted on after the piece is baked — unlike ceramic clay, which must be glazed or painted. Ms. Terlizzi is a relative newcomer to the Fredericksburg art community. A self-taught artist who got her start in the fiber arts, she first began experimenting with polymer clay in 2011, when she set out to create pins and buttons to match handknit hats and scarves. Despite having worked in clay for only a short time, Ms. Terlizzi has had work has selected for national shows at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts and published in Polymer Café Magazine. Earlier this year, her piece “Tako Takeout,” featuring an angry octopus in a takeout box of Japanese noodles, won 1st Prize in Libertytown Art Workshop’s annual Feast for the Eyes show. Ms. Terlizzi is a member artist at Artful Dimensions Gallery, and can be found there most days working in Studio #3, or on Facebook at art. People, Places, Things runs through August 31 at Artful Dimensions Gallery. Artful Dimensions is located at 911 Charles Street in Fredericksburg. Hours are 12-6 PM Tuesday through Thursday, and Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays through Labor Day, open 12-9 PM. Telephone: 540-899-6319