With the New Year comes new resolutions and goals. No, that wasn’t redundant. Believe it or not, there is a difference between the two. If you have a one time specific achievement to obtain, you’ve got yourself a goal. If you’re looking to make a permanent change to your life, that is a resolution. 

Bottom line: Resolutions you keep doing every day and not just until a specific achievement (goal) is reached.

Whether you’re making a list of actionable goals or strategizing resolutions, we have a few suggestions on how to stay on track in 2019!


If you have learning to cook, upping your kitchen game, trying new recipes, or simply cooking more at home on your list…


Take a cooking classes at Whittingham / the Kitchen at Whittingham. – You can do mare than shop at Whittingham! In these weekly cooking classes, chefs lead participants through a hands-on preparation of two-three dishes. Visit their website for all the details. January classes include: Family Farm Favorites, Lasagna of Italy  (featuring Danello Orofino of Orofinos), and a Taste of Key West.  Reservations are required for Cooking Classes. All participants will receive 10% off any purchases made in the Kitchen Store on the day of the class.

Learn to make an authentic Italian meal or take a wine paring class at Orofino’s. – Honestly, who wouldn’t want to do both? We fully support you signing up for wine paring and a cooking class. Every month, Orofino’s holds cooking classes and a wine pairing class based on the featured region. Reservations are recommended. Orofino’s will announce the dates and menus of upcoming classes on Facebook, so be sure you are following them.

Make healthier, delicious meals with Dr Yum’s cooking school. – Dr. Yum is passionate about teaching families to make better food choices, cook amazing meals and love the process. The Dr. Yum Project is a non-profit focused on to transforming the lives of families and communities by providing an understanding of the connection between food and overall health, as well as empowering them with the tools to live a healthy life. The Dr. Yum Project Kitchen, their main site, is located in Spotsylvania County. Here, Dr. Yum teaches adults and children how to cook healthy meals, where their food comes from, and even about growing a garden! New to healthy eating for families? They also offer a Parenting Wellness Seminar. 

“This unique class series is taught by Jen Miller, certified Health Coach and Dr. Nimali Fernando, pediatrician and founder of the Doctor Yum. Our new, expanded program consists of 8 core parent-only meetings, and several additional offerings which can be attended as supplements to the core program. This course is designed for parents who want to learn as much as they can about nutrition, shopping, budgeting, meal planning and effective parenting that shapes a happy and healthy food environment at home. The series is supplemented with two family cooking classes during which kids can participate in meal preparation as well.” – The Dr. Yum Project

The soon to be opening Dominion Public Market will offer cooking classes and a marketplace. – The 35,000 square foot facility will include a food hall, a market place, and, you guessed it, a Culinary Kitchen program. According to their website, this program “immerses you in an environment that’s as close to the real world as it gets. Working in a modern, professional kitchen, you will be able to hone your cooking skills as you focus on learning to deliver the popular flavors and techniques today’s consumers—and employers—want and expect. You’ll be surrounded and inspired by other talented, creatively driven chef’s.” Dominion Public Market plans to open in 2019, in downtown Fredericksburg. 

Who wants to focus more on their health? We have a few places you need to check out…


Take a class at a local yoga studio. – Yoga has many benefits ranging from lowered blood pressure to better body image. There are several fantastic studios in the area. Here are a few you may like:

Take the plunge. Sign up for a race. – If motivation has been an issue for you in the past, try setting finite goal for yourself. Signing up and training for a race is a great way to do this! The Fredericksburg area is home to The Marine Corps Historic Half, The Stafford Race Series, The Great Train Race, and several other fun races. Read more about them here.

Have you tried sound immersion therapy? – Mark Torgeson is the owner of Healing Sound Immersion, and has been interested in sound since he was a boy. According to Healing Sound Immersion, sound therapy is, “one of the most effective ways to gain clarity, a renewed sense of purpose and to open your heart. Sound frequency, expectation and pure intent creates a force which travels deep to your core and awakens the more expanded part of who you are. When you learn to let go and accept the healing sound your heart opens, your energy matrix expands and you release emotions and beliefs no longer serving you.” You can sign up for a sound therapy sessions at Stafford House of YogaUnity Fredericksburg, Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg, Dragonfly Yoga Studio, and even the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. You can also make an appointment for an Individual Sound Healing session, by visiting Mark’s Therapy site.

If you are looking for fun ways to spend quality time with your loved ones…


Break stuff together at Break it FXBG– One of downtown Frederickburg’s newest businesses is also one of the most unique we’ve ever had. You literally get to just break things. Break it FXBG provides everything you need: safety tools, items to break etc. You and your friends just get to let loose. Choose time slots ranging from 5 minutes in a Break – It room, to a full hour. Book online (preferred) or walk in. We highly recommend you walk away in slow motion when you finish. 

Play Ultimate Dodgeball at SkyZone– SkyZone specific socks and online booking are required. Challenge your friends/family to a game of dodgeball like you’ve never played it before. Be aware, this can be a surprizingly strenuous workout! Fun fact: Sky Zone is the exclusive host of the annual Ultimate Dodgeball Championships.

Try to beat the clock in an escape room. Escape rooms are popping up all over the area. These are perfect way to kick off a night out! Celebrate your escape ( or mourn your loss) at a local brewery.

Attend a University of Mary Washington men’s or women’s basketball game. – This is a great activity for families! Between the amenities of The William M. Anderson Center, and the excitement of the game itself, kids of all ages will be plenty entertained. The beautiful arena seats 2,000 people and is a short walk away from the Eagle Village shopping center. Kids will get a kick out of crossing the pedestrian bridge, too! Be sure to check out Eagle Villiage’s Duck Donuts, SweetFrog, and HomeTeam Grill for refreshments after the game.

We can’t wait to add baseball to this list!

Who wants to get more in touch with nature or learn to garden?


Bring the kids to a gardening class, learn the art of beekeeping, join the Herbal Arts Collective, or visit the community gardens at Downtown Greens– This local nonprofit supports two community gardens in downtown Fredericksburg, which are open year round. Downtown Greens maintains a strong focus on environmental care as well as youth involvement, and education. The Youth Garden Club meets weekly and teaches kids how to grow and maintain a garden. All ages are welcome to these free meetings. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult. How awesome would it be to make a meal out of the produce grown by your child?

In addition to “The Youth Garden Club,” Downtown Greens runs “The Youth Farm Program” (YFP). It is a free, multi-layered after-school program designed for local children with at least 75% of the participants being from Hazel Hill Apartments, the neighboring low-income housing development. The program includes: weekly meetings, monthly community dinners, and a monthly youth- led farmers market stand.

Now, let’s talk bees. Downtown Greens offers a club called “The Urban Bee Group.” It is a “group of Fredericksburg local bee enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about beekeeping and who share in the duties to maintain one communal Downtown Greens Hive.” Downtown Greens also offers a club for adults called the, “Herbal Arts Collective.” 

Check out River Rock Outfitters’ bulletin board. – They always have upcoming outdoors events and classes listed. Be sure to follow their social media pages, too!

Just get outside! – The most important step is sometimes the simplest. You don’t need to plan a big trip or take a class to start getting outside more. Just start walking every day. Then, maybe visit a local park and walk a trail. Small steps can lead to big changes. We suggest checking out these parks to get you started:

Remember this anonymous quote, “Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible with your methods.” If you find yourself not prioritizing your goal/ resolution, falling off the wagon, or unable to meet deadlines, try to shake things up. There’s usually more than one way to reach the finish line.

Words of advice:


  • Find a way to hold yourself accountable
  • Make your goals/resolutions measurable and defined. If you can’t tack it you can’t reach it.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself. Know your personal limits.
  • Build on small wins. Celebrate every step of the way.


Happy New Year!



written by Brenda Sapanghila

Last Updated:
May 10, 2019