EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 11, 2017 – JANUARY 31, 2018: Motorists will be permitted to park for FOUR HOURS at ON STREET PARKING spaces signed for two hour parking within the area shown on the above map. The four-hour restriction will apply Monday – Saturday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm during this period. On street parking during other periods is not timerestricted.

Restrictions on parking near intersections or fire hydrants, in accessible spaces or in spaces signed for periods shorter than two hours will remain in effect during this period. Timed parking restrictions are not enforced on City holidays. However, the other restrictions referenced above are enforced at all times. On February 1, 2018, the TWO HOUR limit on parking spaces with signs indicating this limit will resume. Questions about this matter may be directed to the Public Works Department at (540) 342-1023 or dking@fredericksburgva.gov


1. Paid Parking Garage: Intersection of Sophia Street and Wolfe Street (entrance on Wolfe Street).

2. Free Parking Lot: 700 block of Sophia Street, between Charlotte and Hanover Streets.

3. Free Parking Lot: 800 – 900 block of Sophia Street, end of George Street.

4. Free Parking Lot: 1000 block of Sophia Street, next to the Happy Clam, no restrictions.

5. Free Parking Lot: 1000 Block of Charles Street, 4 Hour – restrictions apply.

6. Free Parking Lot: 6__ William Street, no restrictions.

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Last Updated:
December 14, 2018