Perhaps it is the rich history spanning over of hundreds of years or the big city expertise paired with small town charm. Whatever the reason, the many layers of Fredericksburg, Virginia can be peeled back to reveal deliciously unique dining experiences. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, yet not without well-honed skills, the chefs of Fredericksburg, Virginia’s most appealing dining establishments are redefining great taste.

Beware. This is not your average small town fare. A foodie will be at home in the quaint Fredericksburg, Virginia downtown with delectable delights ranging from comfort Italian to eclectic southern. We are dying to put our best foodie forward and name Fredericksburg, Virginia the most delectable small town culinary destination and we want to make sure that you treat your palate to all we have to offer. View all listings.

Downtown Restaurants

1. Foode

Welcome to Foode (pronounced foodie). A delightfully decadent, yet deliciously unpretentious adventure in food. The creation of two Atlanta girls who dove head first into the heart of the Fredericksburg, Virginia historic district. The philosophy of Foode and Chef Joy is simple: use natural ingredients and focus on locally grown, sustainable foods. Add a little home-cooked Southern flare, and you have Foode, delightfully plated and ready to serve.

Dining in at Foode in Fredericksburg, Virginia is enhanced by the southern charm of the cuisine and the warmth that permeates from local minded business partners who are staying ahead of the curve. The menu is changed weekly based on the bounty that regional farmers, meat purveyors and suppliers have to offer. This means that you’ll want to keep coming back even though you probably won’t eat the same meal twice. It’s like constantly embarking on a new adventure in cuisine.

Supporting the local community by highlighting local fare is a specialty that will ring true in the freshness of every dish. Even the organically grown vegetables from Washington’s birthplace gives just a little taste of the history that made Fredericksburg, VA famous. Foode claims to be gourmet for the rest of us. Fresh. Unpretentious. Unique. Bursting with flavor. Fried chicken Wednesdays may just have your taste buds tipping a hat and saying “Howdy!”

Oh, and for a real treat, contact the restaurant in advance to participate in the Chef’s Meal. Take part in a delectable feast crafted by the chef especially for you. Tasting meals are limited, so be sure to make your reservation in advance.

Scope out the weekly menu on the website.

2. Bistro Bethem

Bistro Bethem in historic downtown Fredericksburg elevates the very idea of cozy, delectable dining. Touted as seasonal, modern American cuisine with a Southern accent, you will find the menu brimming with familiar favorites interpreted in a refreshingly unique way. The intimate, yet contemporary, bistro atmosphere is enhanced by the creativity of local artists, with featured pieces in a constant rotation.

If you are one who enjoys partaking in a fine wine with a fine meal, Bistro Bethem fills that requirement tastefully. The wine list may seem atypical, especially when you see the prices, but the Bethems strive to create an eclectic value-driven wine list that will pair well with the carefully crafted cuisine.

It may feel as though you have been invited chez Bethem, and in a sense you have. Blake Bethem, head chef, incorporates his southern comfort into the classical french style. Aby Bethem offers a warmth and charm that is passed down to the gracious and knowledgeable staff. Truly a family affair, Bethem Bistro is making its own history in the heart of historic downtown Fredericksburg. The devotion to Fench gastronomy with the infusion of local ingredients allows for the Bethem passion to transfer to every bite. You can just taste the Southern hospitality.

The menus change daily to reflect the flavors of the season and the freshest ingredients available. Although there are a variety of options, Bistro Bethem consistently features the freshest seafood on the market. As an added bonus, the bistro is open every Sunday for brunch. The brunch menu combines unique breakfast treats with a casual lunch menu, that is sure to leave you finding excuses to revisit the Fredericksburg, Virginia historic district again and again.

3. Poppy Hill Tuscan Kitchen

Putting all accolades aside, including being named a top 10 farm-to-table restaurant by Bon Appetit and Epicurious and being selected as one of Northern Virginia Magazine’s 50 best restaurants of 2012, Poppy Hill is farm-to-fork fantastic. By taking the comfortable familiarity of fine Italian cuisine and using only farm fresh ingredients, Chef Scott Mahar has created an exquisitely classic, yet modernly nuanced cuisine.

Chef Mahar inherited a divine appreciation of flavorful cuisine and garden-fresh produce from his Italian grandfather. Poppy Hill is in some ways a tribute to that heritage where pastas, focaccia sauces, deserts, and even stocks are made fresh daily. To keep the menu continually fresh, yet geared toward the Tuscan flavor, Chef Mahar works with a nearby farmer on what is planted and how it’s nurtured, including keeping the produce all-natural and free of chemicals.

Located in historic downtown Fredericksburg, Poppy Hill has all of the refine of a haute cuisine establishment without an ounce of pretension. The trip down the stairs to the basement location may conjure up a cozy familiarity of Italian comfort food just like your Nonna’s. 

A carefully crafted wine list that mixes both California and Italy shows the strength in Ingrid Mahar’s refined palette. The wine selection is subtle, yet packed with complex flavors that pair well with the menu. Oh, and Ingird specializes in finding small production, family owned wineries, keeping the small business spirit intact.

When perusing around historic downtown Fredericksburg, be sure to venture down to the basement for a true Italian treat. We hear the house made cannoli is the best you find this side of Italy.

Dining Outside of Downtown

1. Amy’s Cafe

Housed in a 200 year old building, Amy’s opened as a community enriched neighborhood dining experience with miles of personality to boot. A large screen in porch beckons diners who want to soak in a bit of the Fredericksburg history while enjoying comfort food in a casual atmosphere. The welcoming facade of a homestead is not by happenstance. It’s one of the ways that Amy’s has nested itself in the Fredericksburg, Virginia community.

While the menu may not be extraordinarily imaginative or unique, it is just that causal approach to the dining experience that makes Amy’s, well, Amy’s. They don’t pretend to be something they aren’t, the familiar menu of family favorites bodes well with the historic setting and proximity to the river. Even the most discerning palette fancies a juicy burger or a bite in maple filled Belgian waffles. At Amy’s you can get both, depending on the time of day, of course.

If you’re searching for something old paired with something new equaling something delicious, make a place for Amy’s Cafe on your itinerary.

2. Fujiya House

A family owned and operated Japanese restaurant and lounge, Fujiya House in Fredericksburg, Virginia has a varied menu that spans from fresh delicately prepared sushi to the piping hot flair of the hibachi. A bento box lounge offers an alternative to guests who may want to enjoy the food without all of the action. Colorful, intricately designed sushi entrees reflect the delicate balance between chef and artist, and the art is in every bite.

The wide and varied menu appeals to a variety of tastes, enhanced by preparation and presentation. If the art of the sushi chef doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may be amused by the performance of the hibachi chef. Having your teppanyaki served with a bit of flare, truly enhances the dining experience.

Sushi chefs take an innovative approach to creating freshly prepared combinations. Rolls can be custom designed to your taste, never lacking in a beautiful presentation. Enjoy a full bar, complete with sake, so-jo and plum wine, to enhance your own Japanese creation.

When visiting Fredericksburg, Virginia a stopover in Japan is definitely worth the detour.

Last Updated:
December 14, 2018